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From as far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed seniors. Seniors represent the tried and true fabric of the nation.

Living so many years has created knowledge and wisdom in them that is a valuable resource for any who would avail themselves of it.

In our culture, seniors often move into senior living facilities to be safe, comfortable and in society with other seniors.

I spent many years of my adult life as a pastor and l love people and interacting with them.

I contract with Independent, Assisted, and Skilled Nursing/Rehab Centers in Michigan to entertain the residents with stories based on historical events and biographies.

thumbs upI have found that many seniors enjoy the mental stimulation they receive from my presentations as well as the personal commentary I provide on each subject.

I also make every effort to draw them into the presentation to make it truly interactive.

If you are an Activity Director or a Life Enrichment Coordinator, you will not be disappointed in my programs or my presentation. Your residents will enjoy my down to earth discussion as well as my simple humor.

See my Gallery for a look at the more than sixty programs I offer

Living History

Every senior remembers the television program from the 1950’s that aired each week called “This is Your Life”, hosted by Ralph Edwards. Each episode featured a famous person and a short presentation of his or her life, complete with a visit from a grade school teacher who remembered them.

There has been a huge gap created in the generations as society has moved away from communal living as families. Seniors pass away taking with them their personal as well as family history that used to remain in the family as stories and legends.  I have recently added an exciting service for the families of seniors to help remedy this situation.

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