Letters of Gratitude, Vets in Nursing Centers

Contact info:
Patricia Gallagher
267 939 0365

Dear New Friends,
Here are a few excerpts from the last two letters that were emailed to me this morning. Aren’t they so warm? Can’t you just see the faces of the former soldiers listening intently to the words as we read them tomorrow at the VA medical facility? Thank you so much. We are up to 75 letters. Our goal is 100. I will need them by tonight about 10 pm because I have to leave early on Thursday morning. Happy holidays to everyone and I will keep you posted!
Please see earlier postings of the past few days to understand this project.

Happy Holidays! I am in 7th grade at Holland middle. So many people ask what are you grateful for and so many answer presents and gifts from family and friends and yes my family is some of the best people in my life, but those who I am truly grateful for is veterans like you. It is men and women like you who truly protect our rights and fight so we can be free. You are the true Heroes of the world. You risked your life for us and sacrificed so much. This holiday season instead of being grateful for presents I will be grateful for those who fight for my rights and freedom and will honor them high in my heart. Thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you made for others. I truly do not have words to describe how much I appreciate you and your family. I hope this holiday season you have lots of happiness and cheer because you really do deserve all of it.”

“We as mere humans cannot see the larger picture, to us we are nothing but a single drop in the ocean. Yet what we must see is that one single drop can ripple and grow, until we are all encompassed by the bravery of your actions. As you read this, I know that there are memories buried inside of you, memories locked away, yet so fresh and vital to our world. You have seen more than the eye can detect, you have heard what is sometimes not said, you have felt things that are not tangible. You have jumped into icy waters, and battled the storm, and you have arrived with pride to be amongst your brothers and sisters. We all give up something in our lives, as we shall continue to do so generation after generation, and we therefore will preserve the human right to survival. We light the way for the world, and with every pain, there is an equal love. So salute your fellow brothers and sisters, for your bonds will never falter. Salute every fighter in every corner of the world, and feel the truth of our existence. For as we raise our hands, our heads, and our eyes, we shall also raise our hearts.”

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