The Senior Vets Project – candy, snacks, gum?

Hi Everybody,

I must say Craigs List readers are great. We have 74 letters so far, and I am very happy and excited about passing them out to the Vets. I decided not to wear the Santa Claus outfit and just go as “myself” wearing a holiday outfit , something that is bright and cheerful looking. (If you are not sure what this posting is about, please see the past couple of days postings about writing letters of gratitude to Vets.)

The men that live there, are not all WWII Vets. There is one man who has Lyme disease and I believe that he is his 30’s.  I think that you can live there, if you have served in any branch of the service, and have some sort of illness or disability. Or, if your spouse was a Vet. When we were at the VA Medical Facility, in Philadelphia, there were a few woman living there.

Some people have asked if I thought the Vets would like anything else. At first, I couldn’t think of anything but then I asked one of the men that lives at the VA facility.  He said, “The best things in life are free and you know what they say about what money can’t buy….which is what you all have done by writing the wonderful letters.”

When my mother and I visited, we brought candy bars purchased at CVS and my 83 year – old mother insisted on bringing a few packs of cigarettes, (She said she wanted to bring those items because my father, a proud WW II Vet,  who passed away in 2001, would have liked that!) The men really appreciated the goodies that we brought.

The one night we were at the VA facility,  the guys were watching a movie and then planned to watch a  football game. I was thinking, if anybody was interested, I could bring along some hard candy, Life Savers, mints, gum, cough drops, small bags of snacks such as the kind kids take to school in their lunch boxes. Maybe even Tasty Cakes. The residents probably  wouldn’t be permitted to have large bags of chips and pretzels in their rooms, but maybe some small snack type treats could be enjoyed while watching a movie or a ball game.

If you want to bring any treats or small gift items to my house, on Wednesday, that would be great. If you or your organization have any ideas,  please give me a call. I live right near the Montgomery Mall, in Chalfont. I will take whatever you donate to the Vets.

I really appreciate all that you have done, and I wish that I could send you each a personal thank you note for reaching out to help with this little project. I hope that you know in your heart, that you are brightening a Vet’s day, and I am sure the letters will be kept by a nightstand and will be read over and over again.

Sometimes, it is the smallest things, that can brighten a person’s day – a kind word, a smile. a little encouragement or even a letter from a fellow American saying, “Thank you for all that you have done, to protect our freedom. We sure do appreciate your service.”

Please call me with any ideas that you have. I am meeting another lady at the Burger King, across from the Montgomery Mall, in Montgomeryville, at 10am on Wednesday morning. We will be there until 11am, so if you want to stop by to say Hello or to bring anything for the Vets, I would love to meet you. So that you recognize me, my picture is below. I will probably be the only 5’11, 58 year-old mother of four, in the restaurant. I should be easy to recognize.

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