To the Lady Who Donated 200 Stuffed Animals for the Nursing Home Residents

Last week, I posted asking folks to write a letter of gratitude to the Vets that I could take to the Vets at the Spring City, PA Southeastern Medical Center. I had the most amazing response, 101 heartfelt and poignant letters. Two Craig’s List volunteers went with me on Christmas Eve morning to read the letters of gratitude and pass out treats. Cass Forkin, the Executive Director of the Twilight Wish Foundation, contacted me and offered to give stuffed animals, most of them with tags still on them. The Vets were thrilled with all of your individual kind acts, the letters, the home-baked cookies, the candy, and the stuffed animals. I thought that we had passed out all of the stuffed little critters, but I guess one remained in my van, for a special reason. Here is what happened last night:

One More Stuffed Animal Bringing Joy on Christmas Night

I was driving to Boston by myself last night. It should have taken me about 5 or 6 hours but because of the treacherous passages enroute, periods of sleet, snow and rain, it took me from 6:30 pm until close to 2:30 am. At some point, at one of the many toll booths, and I don’t remember which one, I smiled and said, “Merry Christmas” to the  man who collected my toll money. I said, “Oh, I have something for you. A Team of Angels for Hope, which is a token of encouragement that I make. He grinned from ear to ear at the unexpected gift. I then said, “Wait! I have one more thing.”

I reached behind the passenger seat of the van, and groped for the large plastic bag of Twix chocolate candy, that I had been devouring along the way. I really didn’t want to eat any more, so I thought I would give it to this fellow. When I reached back for the candy, my hand grabbed something else, a furry brown bear. It must have fallen out of one of the Twilight Wish plastic tubs, and was sliding around the van for a few days. The man gasped with excitement when he saw what I was giving him. He smiled at the adorable bear. I couldn’t then say, “Oh sorry, not that…I am looking for a half – eaten bag of Twix to give you.”

I handed him the beautiful, and I must say, I think it was the absolutely cutest stuffed animal of them all. He had a look of absolute joy, kissed the bear, blew a kiss to me and said, “Merry Christmas, I love you.”

I blew a kiss back to him, and continued along my route. The interaction lasted for about 60 seconds but I think that the memory for him will last for many years. I felt that he had a little child or grandchild just waiting for that bear to come home to on Christmas night. I could just picture this kind gentleman, going home and exclaiming, “I have a special present for you!”

Thank you, Cass, at Twilight Wish, for helping to create a little joy. Sometimes, it is a new pair of pajamas, a unexpected phone call, a plate of hot cakes and bacon with the family …or a grand-pop bringing home a furry bear that can be the glimmer of happiness that can top off a Christmas Day!

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