When we posted requests for letters for Vets

This is an unusual request and I hope very much that you can help as a “random act of holiday kindness “for a group of courageous and proud US Vets living in a VA facility in PA. My 83 year -old mother and I did a volunteer project last night at a VA nursing and rehabilitation center,  in Spring City, filled with wonderful, kind, appreciative men, many in their late 70’s and 80’s that had served proudly in WWII. They were all seated in wheelchairs and one fellow said, “Was anybody away from home for Christmas during the war? It sure was lonely to be away. It was a terrible way to celebrate Christmas ,  away from family. ” The other men raised their hands and told of lonely Christmas Eves and days in Germany, Japan, on a fleet in the Pacific, etc. One mentioned being “scared to death.” There are also younger Vets from other wars.
I am going to go back there on Christmas Eve morning, wearing a Santa Costume. Could you please take a few minutes and write a letter of thanks to a Vet and email to me? I am going to put each one in a pretty envelope and give them to the men on Floors 1, 2 and 3. Lots of men, lots of courageous men, no longer strong in body but so proud that they served their country. . And of course, I will read them aloud in the dining room, so that the men who no longer have their eyesight can hear your messages of gratitude. I guess I would need about 100 letters. Please forward this to anyone else that might like to write a letter of gratitude.

You are welcome to go with me to deliver and share in the joy of giving thanks to these proud men , many in their twilight years. My name is Patricia Gallagher. Please send your letters to the email of: theangelpinlady@gmail.com

Please call my cell phone number, if you would like more information, or if you have anything else that you would like me to deliver to the wonderful Vets. I think everyone enjoys a little unexpected holiday cheer. (Cell: 267 939 0365) Thank you very much.

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