This is how the project started, Dec. 14, 2009

Today, I was feeling a little “blue.” When I was young, my mother taught us to do something nice for someone else, when you are feeling down. She told us, “It will lift your own spirits.” That pearl of wisdom has worked many times in my life! This afternoon, I started thinking about the rooms in adult care facilities, rehab centers, and hospitals filled with people who are sad and lonely, especially during the holidays. It may seem that the “good times” have passed them by. I visited my elderly Aunt Mary for years in a nursing home and DECK THE HALLS and JOY TO THE WORLD did not happen for a lot of people.

I have off this Wednesday and had an idea. What if I posted a notice on Craig’s List and asked if there were a few other people that would like to join me and take a copy of the book ”Twas the Night Before Christmas” and some jingling bells, and visit some people who don’t get many visitors in a  retirement facility. We can take turns reading the story to the residents, and to others who may be there rehabilitating from a stroke or accident.

We could each read a page or two, or pass it around for them to read as well. We could ring the bells, and sing a little, too, if the mood strikes us. So if anybody wants to join me, or if anybody has a copy of  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, that they would like to share with us, for this reading session, that would be great. And in the Christmas spirit, do you have any other ideas to make this happen for Wednesday?

If you can arrange for a unit of an assisted care facility, or a group of people for us to visit, or any other venue, that you think would enjoy a reading of this classic Christmas story, please call me on my cell phone. 267 939 0365.

I was thinking that we would get together about 11am on Wednesday. We could probably go to two or three places. My name is Patricia Gallagher . I live at 106 Heath Court, in Chalfont, PA 18914. At this point, I do not have a copy of  ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, but I figured I could buy one at the bookstore.

I think reading the residents a comforting story, filled with joy and surprise, is better than any medicine. The warmth of new visitors and a novel idea of reading them a story, may take their minds back to the happy days when they read to their own little ones, or their grandkids. So, if anybody has a Santa hat, bells, or anything that will add to this merriment, or if you and a couple of friends would like to join me, for one, two or three visits, please let me know.

I think healing and hope can happen in little unexpected ways……..maybe even with reading The Night Before Christmas to strangers! Thank you very much. And Merry Christmas! I look forward to hearing from you.

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