I was so moved by the patriotic “Send-Off” outside of Cracker Barrel for a young soldier

Quite by accident, or perhaps by God’s mysterious ways, I began a project which I called Stories for Seniors, on December 14th. I have posted on CL and kept the readers up-to-date about some of the poignant stories about the recipients of the lap blankets and stuffed animals that have been donated by Craig’s List readers.

On Tuesday night, I went to Cracker Barrel near the Neshaminy Mall to meet a lady from Northeast Philadelphia who was bringing me a few stuffed animals. When I started walking towards the front entrance, where all of the rocking chairs are, I saw about 30 people lined up holding American flags. They were lined up in two rows with a path in-between.

I asked what was happening. A man explained that there was a soldier about to be deployed to Iraq. The young man’s family knew that this “send-off” was planned but the young man did not. He was shocked to see all of these people coming to shake his hand, wish him well and say that their prayers are going with him. I joined in the line, some of the Cracker Barrel employees did the same.

There were other soldiers in camouflage uniforms there, too. Men who had returned safely, coming to offer comradeship to a man going into the unknown. There were also a lot of motorcycles there, too. I don’t know who organized all of this, but what a moving experience. Please offer a prayer for safety for that “unknown soldier” and peace for his loving family.

I had a big lump in my throat. My daughter’s boyfriend returned last week from Iraq, my cousin is a nurse serving there, unloading the wounded from helicopters, and preparing them for a medical team. I have a 22 year old nephew who is a Marine. Thank God, for all of those people who lined up to say , “Our prayers go with you ” to this brave young man.

With gratitude, Patricia Gallagher


Cell: 267 939 0365

Please read the previous posts on this site to learn more of our need for gently-used or new stuffed animals and lap blankets such as afghans, baby blankets, crocheted or knitted blankets for Seniors and Vets in nursing home  and rehabilitation facilities.

Thank you very much. Our goal is 200 lap blankets and stuffed animals. We still have a ways to go! Thank you.

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