Just received this email from a Vet living in a VA Medical Center


To all of the people who donated the blankets for the Vets and to the young medical student who made two beautiful pillows for us:  Again- thank you so much for coming out in the dead of a wintry night to play Santa Claus to some Veterans (not the least of which is ME)…. for all of that workmanship that went into the making and the collecting of the ‘throws’ and blankets that you brought and for the magic PILLOW. Most of the Vets go to bed pretty early around here. I will be able to give Mary and Sid their presents, the beautiful blankets, on Tuesday morning when the next meeting of the ‘BOOKWORMS’ happens. I will make a “blanket – giving” ceremony” out of the occasion. Trust me.   Please let me have the name and email address of the young lady at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, who made the special pillow so that I can properly thank her. What a HOOT ! I know that you said that she made the pillow from one of her favorite outfits that she couldn’t bear to throw away. So, as you said, she used the fabric and made us the two pillows. I am a University of PA alum so me receiving the pillow was “just meant to be. Many THANKS.”


HTP (a proud VET)

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