The blanket reminds me of our summer cottage at Buck Hill Falls

Dear Patricia and the People Who Donated the Blankets:
Both Mary Jo  and Syd  are totally in awe and very appreciative of the ‘throws’ which you so nicely donated to ‘the cause’.
Guess which one I took? Yes, you are right, because it reminds me of the years spent in our summer ” Cottage” at Buck Hill Falls and my Grandmother sitting there with her crochet needles and a pile of yarn… going ‘at it’ morning noon and night.
It is amazing how something as simple as a lap blanket can unleash a flood of pleasant memories of a time gone by. You are a bigger version of one of your little brass ‘angels’ sent to cheer up the veterans and I think that it is a ‘higher-calling’  (if you understand).
There are some things that transcend dollars and cents.
What can I say ? I love the  The White (Crocheted One).
Thank you.
Resident Council
VA Medical Center

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