“Because my brother got adopted, and if I was going to be adopted by a stranger, I was going to run away”

AG is just a little boy, in fifth grade, from the inner city. He was staying at our house last weekend. He is a sort of a “relative of a relative, of a relative.” (You know how some family relationships are all tangled up like a spider’s web.)

He was sleeping on the couch, but kept waking up.  He was shivering.

He has been in four foster homes in the past three years. My mother wanted to adopt him two years ago, but she was not allowed, because she was age 81.  In one foster home, he said he was not allowed to go outside and play with the other kids because the foster mother thought he might run away.

“Why would she think that,” I asked.

“Because my brother got adopted, and if I was going to be adopted by a stranger, I was going to run away,” he answered.

He was only 8 years – old at the time. I swallowed hard.

The woman he is currently living with will probably adopt him.

 He needed something to hold on to for comfort.  I told him he could go out to the van and pick the best-stuffed animal that he could find.

 He said he wanted to write a thank you note to the woman who donated it. I remember who gave this one; because she said, it was one of her favorite things growing up. She was willing to let it go to make someone else happy. I know she is studying to be a doctor. We need compassionate doctors like Laura, who is a medical  student in Philadelphia. 

Here is the letter he wrote to Laura.

“Thank you very much for the dog and I like the bell and the scarf and the ears and the tail so thank you very much.” (From AG to Laura, with a picture of him cuddling the dog.)


Hi Patricia,
Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I am so happy to hear that AG loved the stuffed animal and I hope it continues to bring him some comfort.  His situation is one that I cannot imagine any child having to go through; I sincerely hope he is adopted soon and likes his new family.  The stuffed animal is a dog named Percy, a character from the Disney film ‘Pocahontas’.  I love that movie, and actually bought the toy for myself a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time.  It’s wonderful to hear that it has found a new home and hopefully will bring a smile to AG’s face as it did mine.  Thank you also for sending me Henry’s emails.  The world needs more kind people like you 🙂

Thanks again,

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