I wish ?????? I wish that I could walk again.


I went to a facility today where most of  the people were on the young side – not elderly. Maybe in their 40’s and 50’s. I wonder if they had been in accidents or perhaps had some disability that took away most of their mobility. There were also several that did not speak or understand English.

Your stuffed animals and lap blankets were very much appreciated by the residents.

Today I held up a pretty silver wand like the type that a princess in a  fairy tale would have. I bought it in Target in the kids’ section.  I asked this question. (Most of the residents were in wheelchairs…..the motorized kind)


I wish………..

I wish I could walk.

I wish  I could use a commode.

I wish that my fiance’ Pauley did not get killed in the car crash.

I wish I could get transferred out of here and go home.

I wish I had a boy. I had five girls.

I wish I could see again.

I wish I didn’t have cancer. I have a 12- year-old daughter and a  3- year-old.

I wish I had my teeth.

I wish I was healthy.


I told myself, ” I will never complain about any aspect of my life ever again.”

How did these folks end  up here? There but for the grace of God go I.

Did they slip on the ice?

Were they  in an accident?

Did they have a stroke?

Were they injured in  a diving or pool accident?

Tonight is a night for me to count my blessings, large and small.




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