What if I could give each lady a silk/paper flower corsage, a bouquet of silk flowers?

I looked around the healthcare facility activity room today, 30 women sitting in their wheelchairs, in a circle and an idea came to me.  What if I could give each lady a paper/silk flower corsage, a bouquet of silk or tissue paper  flowers or just something small and pretty that would look SPRING-LIKE, SOMETHING THAT LOOKED LIKE A MOTHER’S DAY THEME, something that was PRETTY AND PINK? 

So that got me to thinking that maybe there is a youth group, a Scout troop, a sorority, or some organization that would like to make something small and pretty or donate a small gift from the Dollar Store,  that I could give to the women during the month of May.  I will be seeing about 150 women in May at Senior Living communities.

 So, if your group wants to do a project that would put smiles on the faces of seniors living in a nursing home, please let me know. Maybe even a few daisies or tulips, wrapped with a pretty ribbon  from the Dollar Store. Your thoughts, please. What do you think? 

I am open to all of your ideas. We can not accept homemade food due to dietary concerns and sanitation issues in healthcare facilities.  But probably individually wrapped candy bars or hard candies would be okay. Maybe  something pretty that the residents could put on their bureaus, pin on their sweaters, or place on their windowsills as a decoration. I know we also have to be concerned with choking as some residents have difficulty swallowing.

If you google HOW TO MAKE PAPER FLOWERS OR CORSAGES, you will see lots of simple ideas to make “crafty-type” flowers.


Patricia Gallagher – BA, MBA

Cell: 267 939 0365




The Stories for Seniors Project distributes new and gently used stuffed animals and lap blankets such as crocheted, knitted and quilted afghans and fleece throw blankets to offer care and comfort to Seniors living in nursing homes, retirement communities, Veterans Hospitals and shelters.


For the past 15 months, I have been visiting people residing in a variety of senior living communities.  We give each resident his or her choice of a cozy lap blanket, a small gift from the Dollar Store or a new or very gently used stuffed animal.

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