Have you ever thought about taking an RV trip cross country and visiting senior living communities all over the USA?

My alarm didn’t go off this morning and the Faith Service that I like to attend begins promptly at 10 am. Something just woke me up at 9:36 am. I usually get “dressed up” but today I threw on a pair of jeans and a pink sweater. I grabbed my brush, hair spray and make-up and made a mad dash for the car.

Lisa asked me if I was still collecting the stuffed animals for seniors with impaired hearing, vision and mobility.

“Are you still distributing the teddy bears?”

“Yes, I am. They go to all kinds of people – angry, tired, hurting, sad and happy.”

After the service, she asked me to follow her back to her house. In her huge walk-in closet, she had a treasure trove of stuffed animals. Musical monkeys, Beanie Babies and lots of bunnies and teddy bears.

And it was perfect timing, I was down to my last two bags of furry critters stored in my recreation room, under the pool table.

However, I think I was supposed to meet Lisa for another reason.

“Have you ever thought about taking an RV trip cross country and visiting senior living communities all over the USA? You could probably go to five facilities each day. For example, go to Michigan. Let the facilities know when you are going to be in their area and schedule a visit for the THE STUFFED ANIMAL LADY to visit and offer a program.” Notify the newspaper and news in each area and let them know that that you are available to collect donations of stuffed animals on the following day.People have so much stuff crammed into their attics, basements and closets.

This would be a good way for people to “recycle” what they no longer need to help others. And, don’t limit your visits to senior healthcare communities. Contact hospitals, too. And prisons. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be an animal fancier to appreciate a cute stuffed animal. The meaning behind your stuffed animals is that they might give someone courage when they need it, alleviate a fear, or just say YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. The stuffed animals and blankets that you bring are just simply a connection to hope!”

No, Lisa, I never thought about that. But, now my brain is working overtime thinking about it. I would love to do that. If anyone has any ideas about how to make that happen, please call me. I guess I would need a sponsor, and an RV…..and funding to cover expenses.

And maybe the local libraries could be a drop-off point for the stuffed animals.

San Francisco, here I come!

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