EMAILS RECEIVED: “As I sat here engaging in a pity party….”


Hi Patricia,

As I sat here engaging in a pity party that I threw myself and licking my wounds triggered by losing my dream job,  and having to make serious financial adjustments in my family, I was on the web and ended up finding your organization. What a blessing you all are! You know, every now and then God has a funny way of reminding us that we still have a lot to be thankful and hopeful for even in the midst of a storm! He also has a way of humbling us so that we can learn to trust and believe in Him while we also remember what is REALLY important in life. You are surely a God send to those seniors. Kudos to you.


Hi Patricia,

Saw an article about you in the North Penn Montgomery Life,  recently.  Wow, what a neat thing you are doing, and very much needed. I was wondering about donations of stuffed animals, gently used ones, I have 2 to 3 bags worth looking for a home. Can you give any details of how to go about the donation?


Hi Trisha,

Read your article in North Penn Life (Montgomery Newspapers).  I have a number of stuffed animals, etc. that I feel would be appropriate for seniors and would be happy to donate them.  Just let me know where I can send them or drop them off.  I live in Lansdale.


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