Lisa’s Bears……and adorable bunnies

I was down to my last two bags of donated stuffed animals,  and had three senior healthcare visits to make this week. So, my guess would be that I needed 100 stuffed animals. I only had 40.  I was looking for a miracle.

That is when Lisa’s donation arrived – so many beautiful bears and bunnies. Probably 30 really cute ones were in one bag –  the exact amount that I needed for today’s program.

One of the volunteers helped me arrange the stuffed animals on the table in the front of the room. As each person came in, seated in their wheelchairs, they selected the one  (or two) that they liked. One man, who I believe may have been a retired doctor,  quipped, “Have they all had their shots?”

I love that Pooh bear – because it is SO BIG.

I want that doll for my grand-daughter.

That bear is so regal.

One lady was celebrating her 100 th birthday. I gave her a really cute light brown bunny. But she wanted two so I gave her a little bunny, too.

I can’t accept them. I don’t have the money.

They are a gift. Everybody gets one. They are free.

Yeah, that’s what they say, but when you get up to the cash register, it’s a different story. Where’s the price tag on this one?

Honestly, they are for you to keep. They are for your HAPPY 100 th Birthday.

Then she said, “When you start your program, can you stand near me because I am hard of hearing?”

She looked so happy with the two bunnies sitting on her lap! Just in time for Easter joy.

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