I Love You As Much As…. – celebrate the love between mothers and children

Today, I brought a gentle picture book lullaby titled I Love You As Much……

I read it to a group of four ladies. Here is a excerpt from the book:

Said the mother horse to her child,

I love you as much as a warm summer breeze.”

Said the mother bear to her child,

“I love you as much as the forest has trees.”

Said the mother camel to her child,

“I love you as much as the desert is dry.”

Said the mother goose to her child,

“I love you as much as the endless blue sky.”

Everybody thought it was such a sweet story and asked me to pass the book around so they could see the colorful pictures.

Since Mother’s Day is approaching and I have plans to visit 6 senior care facilities, about 100 women……

I asked for ideas from the “Circle of Wheelchairs Ladies.”

Do you have  any ideas for me when I offer a May and Mother’s Day program next month?

KATHERINE: I could write you a poem to read. I have had 15 poems published. When do you need it? I can get started right away.

MARILYN: Why don’t  you take the letters of Mother’s Day…M  O  T  H  E  R  S     D  A  Y  and ask the ladies to tell something about their mothers that begins with each letter?

There was a lady sitting on the fringe of the group. Not smiling or joining in, but interested in listening. Sullen. She did not look like she would have been a friendly neighbor.

Can you tell me something about your mother?

I didn’t know her. She died when I was two months old.

Who took care of you?

My grandmother.

What was something nice about your grandmother?

Nothing was nice. She always whipped me.

Well, how about a nice neighbor or teacher?

No, I didn’t go to school.

The other ladies continued with their great ideas.

Patricia, you could cut out pictures of mothers and their children and put them in a scrapbook. Ask the ladies to bring pictures of their mothers to the May Tea Party. Serve tea and chocolate chip cookies. Everybody loves them.

There is a song called I ‘LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MAMA. Another song that has the lyrics  IT WAS LOVE THAT BROUGHT YOU HERE. Go on the internet and look up a Bill Wither’s song called GRANDMOM’S HAND. You could also  find out how Mother’s Day started.



When your life changes in a heartbeat, when your circumstances change and you have no control over the outcome…..the ladies told me, “You have to take one day at a time.”






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