I was a policeman…lost my leg this year

I guess we always believe that it can never happen to us. We could never be “on the young side” and be in a senior healthcare facility.

I was in an accident five years ago. My leg just never healed right. One infection after another.  I lost my leg forever. There is a lady here who doesn’t like me. I don’t know why but whenever I am in therapy, she yells over to me, “You are a liar.” She doesn’t even know me. She yells at the “colored lady and calls her not nice names.”

Another lady chimed in. She has so much hate in her heart. Somebody must have hurt her really bad in life that she doesn’t like any of us here.

She talks about hitting me. I think to myself,  ‘You better not do it. I know martial arts. I don’t care if she is an old lady.’


Patricia, you know who I mean. She was mean to you,  too. Remember the last time you were here?  I like helping people. Some people in here ain’t got nobody to come in. Anything I can say that is kind or nice, I try to do. I used to work in maintenance at a church. I would get there at 6:30 am and start my work, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping the walk, shoveling snow. I didn’t see the Pastor very much. He was out hunting and doing other things. I helped out with the church ministries, the food pantry, Welfare to Work….

I stayed each day until 6:30 at night. I like helping people. I was in a hospital for a while because I had a problem with alcohol. See that guy over there with the cane. He used to box in the ring and line dance in the park. Not any more. That’s sad.

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