Miss, do you remember the Larry Ferrari Show, Sunday morning, Channel 6?

My mother and I went to visit at a nursing home yesterday. Just sitting and talking with a group of people was so interesting for us. Hearing about little vignettes of their lives – about the times that they felt such joy. Here is an example:

A man in a wheelchair said:

This was so exciting for me. I used to go to the Tower Theater. I wanted to be an usher. I was only about this big. The boss said ‘You look like the kind of kid that that could do this job. Do you want to be an usher? Do you wanna job here? I think you can handle this job.”

Another thrill was when I wrote Larry Ferrari a letter and told him I liked the way he played the organ on television. I especially liked when he played  the song MOON RIVER. He  sent me a ticket and I went down there. I still have the 78 rpm record that he gave me.”

And more excitement for me was when a few days later, I got a letter from the Police Department and got word that I passed the test and had a job waiting for me.”

 Do you remember when Channel 6 went off the air at 1 am or so? This is what they broadcasted at the end of each day.  The model of the cars were so telling of that era – when Larry Ferrari was a popular Philadelphia celebrity.



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