Somebody stole Roger, Dora’s stuffed animal…….in a nursing home

My mother and I went to visit two of our favorite seniors in a nursing home in Philadelphia. We just stop in at odd times every few weeks. When we got there our special friends were down in the dining room so we just waited on the second floor, near the elevator.

We began talking to a man, who was in a wheelchair.

I used to work at an AIDS Hospice near 13th and Girard. They are just everyday people in there – they got AIDS not just from relationships but also from dirty needles and infections. Wives and mothers just drop them off there. There are two places –  Calcutta 1 and Calcutta 2, which is a couple of blocks away. You ought to bring your stuffed animals and blankets there.”

The elevator door opened and there was our first friend,  age 94, wearing the yellow sweater that she wears everyday. She was wearing  one of my team of angel pins.

Peeking out of the sweater was the stuffed animal that I gave to her before Christmas. She had affectionately named the dog Roger. She carries it with her everyday.

Roger went missing. Somebody took him from me. I “raised sand” and I got him back.  Look at the tag under his tail. He has my name written on the label.  Dora.

“What do you mean, “raised sand?”

“You other ladies know what I mean. I just didn’t want to say the other way, “raising h…..”

“Yeah, she really kicked  up a fuss and let them know she wanted them to find Roger and somehow they got him back for Dora. The next thing you know, it came back.”

I have to go back to my room and rest because I am going out to church tomorrow. It is Commmunion Sunday and the church ladies are picking me up. They told me I have to rest all Saturday afternoon so I will have the energy to go.

Katherine reached into her bag attached to the back of her wheelchair. She pulled out her very soft tan dog.

That’s why I keep “Poochie”  with me all of the time. I don’t want him to go missing.

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