Need help “transporting 890 stuffed animals” -Flemington, NJ to Doylestown area



I  received a phone call and an email from a teacher in Flemington, NJ and she has lots of stuffed animals to be given to seniors in nursing homes and healthcare facilities.  And,  we plan to go to a Philadelphia  AIDS hospice,   a Gilda’s Place cancer support group, a correctional facility and recovery houses.  The seniors and residents of the  facilities that we visit look forward to receiving the furry gifts.

 We do not have any way to get them to my house – in Chalfont. There are so many places that are  looking forward to receiving a stuffed animal. Fifteen places scheduled in April and May.  Oh no, what are we going to do?

From the look of the pictures that the teacher sent, it looks like we would need two vans or a  truck to transport them. And,  helpful hands to carry them to the van or truck. And then to unload them into my house.

Can anybody save the day? Last Thursday, we were down to our last two bags of stuffed animals and I was wondering what we were going to do – with such a STUFFED ANIMAL SHORTAGE. Then, just in time, the young teacher called and told me they had quite a bounty! 

This is what she said in her email:


Here are two pictures of the stuffed animals. I am standing on the right, and my other co-advisor, Melissa McAnlis is standing on the left. We collected about 890 animals as a school, and the school is JP Case Middle School in Flemington, NJ. The school is made up of 7th and 8th graders and we collected the animals for 3 weeks.  Please feel free to use the information and pictures on your blog though! When would be a good time for you to pick up the animals? The address of the school is 301 Case Blvd, Flemington NJ 08822. It is about less than a mile from where you picked up the animals last time!

 Jen (teacher)

One thought on “Need help “transporting 890 stuffed animals” -Flemington, NJ to Doylestown area

  1. I wish I could help but my car wouldn’t hold more than 3 bags!

    Lucky you, though, to have all these stuffed animals to give out. I have seen these residents weeks after you have gone, still holding their little” friends” in their arms!

    With the rising cost of gas and tolls, it is even more of a sacrifice than it used to be, to be out there driving everywhere to collect these animals…yet you still do it, never a word of complaint.

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