The Nicest Thing that Anyone Ever Said or Did for Me……

I always ask this question of the residents –

When I was about 6 years old and I had a fever, my mother rubbed my temples so I would feel better. That was when I was about to go to bed. When I woke up at 5am, she was still rubbing my head. My headache and fever were soothed. I will never forget that feeling and the sight of her staying by my bedside all through the night.

When my children tell me they love me.

When Mr. Kelly, my neighbor,  taught me how to ride a bike.

When my mother told me she loved me.

The nicest thing was whenever I would see my grandmother, she would say, “Here comes my sunshine!”

The nicest thing was one someone came in to visit me and told me that I looked so good. I thought ‘if I am looking so good, why am I here?’

The nicest thing, I guess, is that my son who lives in Texas brought me here. He said, “Mom, you will have a lot of people to be with and you will get good care. I am afraid of what can happen to you when you live alone. You are not very steady on your walker.

The nicest thing was when somebody told me that I did not look my age.


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