Isn’t this beautiful? Shannon, from Wyncote, volunteered to make 50 of them for the Mother’s Day Program for Seniors


When I first posted this request for tissue paper “simple to make” corsages, I thought that I would need 100 paper flowers.

Well, I have a lot of programs scheduled for April and I  thought they would make nice little gifts for the Seniors for “right now” – in April. So, if anybody wants to give it a whirl and make some tissue paper corsages, here is the link that tells you how to do it. Of course, you can make much smaller ones, which use less tissue paper…….and use your creativity to make them any way you want to do it. (Glitter? A fragrance spray?)

Please let me know if you can help out. So instead of 100 for the month of May…….it sure would be nice to have tissue paper corsages to give to the ladies in the nursing homes, next week and the weeks after, in April! Can we reach the goal of 100 for April too?

Inexpensive to make – just Dollar Store tissue paper and pipecleaners that come 45 to a pack, and you cut the pipecleaners in half so for about 10 dollars, I think you could make a lot of flowers.

Is there a Scout troop, religious youth group, a Sorority or an individual that has time to make some flowers for the residents of nursing homes? You can make them as a paper corsage or if  you think of a way to make a tissue paper flower bouquet, that could be a wonderful “pick me up” bouquet  – that will defininitely put smiles on the faces of Seniors.

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