“I wish my family would visit me.”

I always ask the group to finish the sentence: “I WISH………”

  • I wish there was peace on earth.
  • I wish my family would visit me.
  • I wish I could find out what happened to my daughter. I don’t know where she is. I haven’t heard from her in 16 years.
  • I wish I could see my daughter. She is sick, I think. I don’t know what is going on. Four years and not a word from her.
  • I wish I didn’t have HIV/AIDS. I wish my best friend Patricia was still alive. A few years ago, I said to her, “What would you do if you got HIV? We were both drug users.”  She said. “I would kill myself and that is what she did on the day she was diagnosed. She didn’t even call me to tell me that she had HIV. You would have loved her. Everybody loved her.”  
  • I wish I never got involved with drugs. When you come out of your mom’s belly, you never say I am going to grow up to be a drug addict. It’s the people you hang around with. And now I am living in an AIDS hospice.

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