Can You Make Easter Bonnets for Seniors living in a healthcare facility?

Do you have bits and pieces of ribbon, buttons, paper doilies, scraps of fabric, paper plates, dried or silk flowers, or any odds and ends to  make a colorful Easter Bonnet for Seniors living in a healthcare facility?

I googled HOW TO MAKE EASTER BONNETS and there are lots of ideas that are very easy  and inexpensive to make.  I have 15 senior healthcare places scheduled to visit in April and May. The average  group is comprised of 15-20 ladies.

Putting out the call for assistance. Is there a group of kids, scouts, a womens’ club,  a Mom’s group or any individual that would like to do any part of this project?  The Drop Off Locations are  in Chalfont, West Norriton and Lafayette Hill, PA.

I have four healthcare facilities scheduled for the week of April 11th. So, if anyone has any “helpers”  available over the weekend, we sure would appreciate  your help… if you would like to “adopt” any part of the project.

This  is a creative and fun  community service project. The  bonnets will look so cute and festive.  They will be given out during our visits in April and May.

I can  picture the ladies selecting the Easter Bonnet  and singing along with Bing Crosby, IN YOUR EASTER BONNET, WITH ALL THE FRILLS UPON IT……..YOU WILL BE THE GREATEST LADY IN THE EASTER PARADE…..

Here is Bing Crosby’s version of the  song:

I am picturing a paper plate as a base, then  punch two holes to tie a ribbon to each side, tie the ribbons under the chin, decorate the top of the plate with a few colorful flowers and odds and ends…….and voila! Please, nothing expensive,  just a few Dollar Store things to decorate any type of paper plate to make a colorful hat! Or decorating little things that you have around the house.

Is there a church or synagogue youth group that would like to help with  this project? Sometimes it is the little things that can really brighten a person’s day! Like a fun Easter Bonnet!

Thank you so much.

Maybe there is an idea for you on the links below.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

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