The animals are taking over my house! Wonderful!

When I needed a spirit-lifting adventure in my life, I never thought it would involve me,  as a 59 year-old “empty-nester mom” bringing stuffed animals to the lonely in nursing homes!

That is, until people on Craigs List and other social networking sites  collected 4000 furry critters for me. I distributed them to AIDS patients, people in recovery houses, seniors in healthcare communities and veterans’ homes. I was out of stuffed animals and sighed, “Well, I guess that is what I was meant to do for the past 20 months. The project is now over. On to another adventure………then just this week, another 1,543 stuffed animals arrived for me to distribute.

Lions and tigers and bears and panthers and rabbits……OH MY!

890 came from a middle school in Flemington, NJ

156 came from a lady in Fairless Hills who collected them from her co-workers

532 came from a mom and dad whose only daughter attends Yale….all the way from the Delaware Water Gap area

Although, I would like to continue doing this because the response has been amazing, I am in need of some help:

a laptop
a digital camera
someone to kindly donate a dependable car that will be used to  pick up, transport and bring joy to nursing home residents (May be tax deduction)
donations to help with the gas and tolls for stuffed animal visits
Any ideas or assistance in the above areas?

Thank you so much.

Patricia Gallagher
Cell: 267 939 0365


2 thoughts on “The animals are taking over my house! Wonderful!

  1. Patricia,

    This is an amazing and wonderful story about how God has blessed you to do what you have been called to do. You have a lot of angels helping you collect all of those precious stuffed animals. What a blessing!

    I will be praying about those special needs that you listed. I believe that they will be done and given to you too. You have made it this far. God will not leave you now!

    Much Love!

  2. Thank you. Hannelore from Circle of Miracles just called and said she has a digital camera to donate. I wanted to take pictures of the people who have come to my house with bags of stuffed animals. I am so grateful to her for that kindness.

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