“Dogs should be out rompin’ in fields. I’m a country guy.”

Janice from Bucks County collected 7 big bags of stuffed animals from her co-workers at a manufacturing company in New Jersey. Beautiful, soft, cuddly and with so much character in the cute little expressions on their faces. There was one bag filled with dogs. Just not your plain old dog stuffed animals. These looked so real. When you looked into their eyes, you felt the love of  “man’s best friend.”

I’m a country boy from Western Tennsessee. Where I come from, dogs just go rompin’ in the fields. That’s the way it should be.I don’t like the way the people in Philadelphia cage up the dogs. Putting them on chains  and locking them up in pens. That’s why I would never have a dog around here. People don’t know that it just ain’t right to treat a dog like that.

Patricia, please don’t think I am ignoring you. I am hard of hearing and can’t hear what you are saying. I love this dog. It is so real. (She literally hugged it and caressed it for the whole hour we were there.)

You mean I can keep it. I used to have a dog like this and I had to get him “circumsized” because he was so sick. ( I know that she meant euthanized, put to sleep.)  My husband was so angry with me because he loved that dog. I felt so sad, too. I wished I didn’t have to put him down. What should I name him?  I am going to call him Bucky.

It’s funny she picked the black and white spotted dalmation and guess what color her outfit was? Black and white. With the dog sitting on her lap, they were a perfect match. They looked like they “went together.”

I went into Cora’s room. She is the tiny lady, age 94, that I have really taken to. She always wears her yellow sweater and she still has the team of angels pin that I gave her on my first visit. ( www.teamofangels.com)  I said, “Cora, my mother is here. She is sitting out by the elevator.” I saw that she had “Roger” laying right next to her while she slept. (She always has Roger, her stuffed dog, with her, on her wheelchair.)

“Oh, your mother is here? Oh, it’s only right that I get up and go see her.”

She carefully got up and straddled herself to get into her wheelchair. Then she said, “Get Roger.” I handed her the beloved stuffed animal that I gave her the first time I met her on December 23rd. She tucked Roger into the folds of her yellow sweater and then she went out to greet my mother who is age 85.

A group of ladies gathered around, in front of the elevator, and we sang songs for an hour. One person would suggest a song and we sang whatever words we could remember.

  1. In Your Easter Bonnet
  2. Jesus Loves Me
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. God Bless America
  6. America the Beautiful
  7. Standing on the Corner Watching All the Girls Go By
  8. She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain

We talked a little about the Easters gone by, the kind of jelly beans they liked and the kind of chocolate eggs they favored. Here is what the ladies shared with me:

 Oh my mother had our dresses hand-made, always light blue with a satin sash that tied in the back. And we had our hair in three plaits – two on the side and one on the top, all with satin ribbons. She put tea in our hair to make it darker. They didn’t have any creams back then. I am 94 years old and I am from Virginia. The boys just wore knickers or knicker-bottoms.

We didn’t have Easter bonnets or baskets. There wasn’t any money for things like that.

We used to have pretty hats. Big hats.

I thought that I had lost my memory, being in here. But with us singing and talking about these things, it is wonderful. I do remember things. The only thing is when you asked what religion I was, I can’t remember much about that. But I remembered all of the songs. Isn’t that somethin’? This was really great. I love this turtle. I can really keep it, right. It doesn’t cost anything. You’re not selling it to me?


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