Colorful and Fun Pinwheels for Seniors in Nursing Homes




Pinwheels are just so pretty and summery and happy- looking.  I thought there might be some organization –  Scout troop, youth group or office co-workers who might want to donate some pinwheels for our visits to senior living communities, AIDS hospice, shelters and other places where people need a little sunshine in their lives.

I know you can purchase them at  the Dollar Store but there are places  on-line where the cost is even less. There is a site called Oriental Trading where you can purchase 6 dozen for $12.99.  or call 1 800 228 2269.   Shipping is additional $6.99 for standard 7-10 day shipping.  I saw this on page 54 of their Oriental Trading catalog that I received in the mail.


Thank you.




Can’t you just picture the smiles on faces when the residents are doing something that they have not done in a long time? Just blowing a pinwheel and watching it spin.

A whole room filled with colorful pinwheels and happy faces. Our goal is to have 100 pinwheels by May 3.  We have 10 visits planned for May. Everyone will get to keep the pinwheel and I am sure just the color and the happy feeling that a pinwheel evokes will bring sunshine long after our visit is over.



Thank you and I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

Patricia Gallagher

Cell: 267 939 0365

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