From the most dedicated “tissue paper corsage” maker I know!

Dear Friends,

There is a woman from Bucks County that has made hundreds of corsages for our visits to nursing homes. I was worried that her husband might “miss” spending time with her. Her response is below:

Hi Tricia!
Glad to hear your visit went well on Tuesday at the nursing home. 
I’ll touch base with you on Sunday.  I’ll be working on the corsages throughout the weekend.  My hubby is very supportive and is looking forward to hearing about my visit to one of the facilities.  He is working  for a non-profit  so half the time he’s downstairs doing that and I’m upstairs doing my flowers.  Sometimes he’ll watch a hockey game and I’ll listen to it with him while I do the corsages.  So we manage to spend time together while still pursuing our passions.  He thinks what you’re doing is amazing and admires you!
Oh, I keep forgetting to ask you – those Team of Angel pins that you gave me – would you prefer that I hand them to someone personally or can I leave them in places.  There’s this bench in front of the Michener Museum under the trees that I once sat on and it seems that people are always sitting there thinking or just soaking up the atmosphere.  I thought of leaving one there or on a bench in Central Park when I go there. 

Sometimes things like the pins find their way to someone who needs them most.  I just didn’t want to leave them around anonymously because your name and other information is printed on there.  

 (about the Team of Angels pins)  
I’ll be in touch on Sunday.  Have a wonderful weekend – the sun will finally be out!  We’re all going to have vitamin D deficiencies by the time this spring is over!  Rain, rain, go away!!

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