Needed: Month of May “Pretty Hats” for Nursing Home Residents, Easy to Make

I thought this would be a fun activity for our May visits to senior care communities. I will be visiting 15 facilities in the month of May so I imagine that will be about 100 ladies in attendance. So we would need at least 100 hats to bring to the residents. Putting out the SOS for help.

Would you like to make any part of this project?  The drop-off  point is in Chalfont or Lafayette Hill, PA.

I can just picture each resident selecting a pretty hat to wear during the program. Fun to pick out the one they like, attractive for everyone to look at each other and admire the diversity and creativity of the hats……a whole room filled with pink hatters, flowery hatters, glittery hatters……everyone wearing a hand-crafted paper hat….and something very different from the everyday routine.

Would you like to help to make these very simple, cost- just-pennies to make  little “Random Act of Kindness?”

Any art students, youth groups, Scout troops or individuals interested in helping with this project? Here are a few links that give some ideas. Your creative ideas are so welcome. There is no right or wrong way to make pretty tissue paper or paper plate hats! So maybe just modify the ideas below to make a hat that looks pretty with a Spring-Like or Mother’s Day theme! Pink and white or flowery.

Here are four different videos to give you ideas. Below the links are the tissue paper flower hats that I have made. I am not crafty at all…….even I could make these and they turn out pretty every time.

The picture below shows a hat made out of a few whole sheets of tissue paper purchased at the Dollar Store. You can use an upside down bucket to drape the tissue over to form the shape. While the paper is draped over the inverted or upside down bucket,  secure the paper shape by wrapping masking tape around it. Then, tie some  ribbon around it and attach some cheap flowers and other odds and ends that you have around the house.  Iissue paper is flimsy so you might just want to tape the decorations on.  When you lift the tissue paper hat from  the upside down bucket,  you have the opening where you put your head. You won’t believe how pretty these turn out. You will get “addicted” to making them, especially when you use different colors of tissue paper.

Materials needed for this are: several sheets of tissue paper, a small bucket to use to “shape” the hat , some decorations such as ribbon and flowers, and masking tape to make a Hat Band to tighten around the bucket shape. 

Turn bucket upside down.

Put a few sheets of tissue paper on the upside down bucket.

Use masking tape to wrap around the part where you see the flower band so the shape is formed

Then add your doo-dads to decorate to make a colorful band, which you place on top of the masking tape.

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