Oh no, I have over 150 people to visit this week! Bubbles, Pinwheels, Tissue Paper Corsages and Hats Needed


I just met with Meryl who has made over 300 tissue paper corsages for the seniors in nursing homes. She loves making them. She says it is like recreational therapy for her –  creative and a good way to take your mind off of personal worries. We were chatting about how this little project is a good one for parents and teachers to use a “learning tool” to teach kids about compassion, kindness and thinking of other people.A lesson about how just a little bit of kindness can make a difference. When my kids were pre-teens and teens, we were always doing some kind of community service. I guess I learned that lesson from my parents. They all became social workers – two work in geriatric facilities, one works with the homeless in Philadelphia  and the other works with autistic students.So if you want to gather a few neighborhood kids for an hour or two of a fun and creative activity…. I would love to hear from you. You only need to purchase a few dollars worth of tissue paper at the Dollar Store, and look at the links below for ideas.  You will be showing kids that it is fun to help people – that you get a “helper’s high” ……….

Can you gather some middle school or high school kids for a community service project? A church or synagogue youth group? Some scouts?

Making tissue paper hats for ladies in nursing homes?
Here is a little about how to do it and where the hats are going.


Or help with the Pinwheel Project?


The Bubble Project?


I am scheduled to go to 4 senior care facilities this week. One place called to confirm my visit and said they have 65 ladies signed up for the Mother’s Day program in the Souderton area. The Saturday visit in Lansdale has 40 people attending. And the other two in King of Prussia and Phila have 45 attendees. Yikes.

I have plenty of stuffed animals but do not have enough bubbles, corsages, pinwheels and tissue paper hats. I know I talked to some “volunteers” who were working on these things and just wondered if anybody has them ready and we could have them ready for the visits this week. I live in Chalfont and could meet you half way or you are welcome to come to my house and leave them at the back door or come in for a visit and a cup of tea. Putting out the SOS!

There has been one helper, who I call the “Super Corsage Maker” who has made close to 300 tissue paper flowers that have all gone to brighten the days of residents living in care facilities. My cell number is 267 939 0365.

Thanks a million, my new friends!

This is an urgent need so if you are wondering what to do with your free time this week, maybe one of the above craft projects will be just what the doctor ordered to make you feel happy about helping someone who needs some cheer!

Patricia Gallagher


Cell: 267 939 0365


This is what we need to keep going. Any ideas out there in CL land?


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