“Tomorrow they decide whether they are going to remove my leg.”


This was a great day to celebrate the Month of May with the residents. I had 60 of Meryl’s beautiful tissue paper corsages in the purple wicker basket. Everybody got one or two and attached the pretty flowers to their sweaters, wheelchairs or walkers. Some put them in their hair or even behind their ears.
Franny from Fishtown and her friend Kathy donated 90 little containers of bubbles made by some children in the Lutheran Youth Group. They were so “happy-looking – clear plastic bubbles” with silk ribbon wrapped around, a flower sticker attached and a pretty piece of paper with a message attached – sort of like a gift tag. In beautiful handwriting were little messages such as HAPPY SPRING, GOD LOVES YOU, HAVE A HAPPY DAY, YOU ARE LOVED……..This was the first time that I brought the bubbles so it was a learning lesson. We had a very mixed level of care – dementia to independent.  We gave everybody a container and then realized that some people might “drink it, spill it” or not know how to blow the bubbles. Some were not able to use their hands to hold the bubble wand so we ended up going to each person and just saying, “Blow!” The bubbles cascaded and it was a wonderful sight. Something different.  We collected most of the containers and will save them for a more independent group. The activity was fun for all
One lady came in for the last 15 minutes of the program. I was out of stuffed animals. I had more in the car but the two big bags had already been given to the residents.
Patricia, do you have any more of the teddy  bears?
Katie, I can go out in my van. I have another bag of  stuffed animals and you can select the one you want.
I can wait if you want to go to your car now and look for one. I will wait in the lobby.
Do you live here, Katie, or are you doing rehab here?
I live in Limerick and I had some infections. I got operated on and then I fell and had to come back here. The infection is back and they can’t clear it up. Tomorrow the doctor will decide if they are going to remove my leg.
She looked over the alligator, penguin, rooster, and the bears -tumbling out of my arms. She held each one for a couple of seconds to see which one felt “right.”  She selected a cute little bear with a red plaid jacket. She saw a little knit hat in my bag.
Patricia, can I have the orange hat for my bear?
I was wearing one of my Team of Angels pins and took it off of my sweater and placed it on her blouse. www.teamofangels.com
Can you even imagine having that worry on your mind?  Losing your leg? Waiting for a doctor to decide.
So you see, your little flowers, bubbles and bears can make a person forget their troubles – maybe for a few minutes while they are selecting a stuffed animal from a big trash bag. Or blowing some bubbles or admiring colorful tissue paper flowers. Katie smiled. and held on to her bear.
God bless you,  Patricia.
I will be praying for you, Katie.
Thank you to everybody who has helped with the project.

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