From the Super Corsage Maker of Bucks County

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have taken the time to make little things that we bring to the residents of the senior care communities. Not only blankets and stuffed animals but bubbles, pinwheels, paper corsages, birdseed and other day-brighteners. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving of your time and talent to bring happiness to people in their senior years. 

I received the email below from Meryl:

Thanks Trisha for sharing your day with me!  I just light up inside thinking of all the wonderful things you bring to the residents.  I’m so happy to be a part of it!  The most important thing you bring to them is your love and kindness!  Because of you people smiled, laughed and felt like kids again blowing bubbles!  It was wonderful that Franny, Kathy and the Lutheran Youth Group helped make this a fun day for the residents.
I’m glad that you were able to bring some comfort to Katie with the cute little bear she chose.  I feel so sad for her.  I hope that she has family and friends to help her through this difficult time.
I look forward to hearing about the rest of the visits you have this week. I’m hoping to have time next week so I can go with you to spend time with the residents and help spread the joy!!

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