Your Little Acts of Kindness Make a Big Difference!


The Stories for Seniors Project distributes new and gently-used stuffed animals and lap blankets such as crocheted, knitted and quilted afghans and fleece throw blankets to offer care and comfort to Seniors living in nursing homes, retirement communities, cancer support groups, people struggling with addictions, Veterans Hospitals and shelters. (We have now added other little items such as bubbles, pinwheels, tissue paper corsages, etc.)

We each have a gift that can benefit others. Simple things can put a smile on a nursing home resident’s face.
No matter what your age, somebody needs you!


Patricia C. Gallagher, BA, MBA
Cell: 267 939 0365

About Patricia Gallagher:

Would you or your friends or organizations like to help us make tissue paper corsages, paper hats, bubbles, birdseed packets and pinwheels? Please visit our site to read the background of our project and how little random acts of kindness can mean a lot to someone who is lonely.

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