And They Called It “Puppy Love” …..

I just think that is so catchy… just the sound of it – Puppy Love. There was a song in the 1960’s that we all knew “back in the day.” I was reminded of that song when I visited a senior  care facility today and we passed out 75 stuffed animals. A lot of them were dogs – all colors, shapes and sizes.

This is what one lady said as she cuddled the little puppy:

Well, I will tell you why I like this dog. I never had a dog until my sister came to live with me and she brought her dog. He looked just like this one. His name was Lucky.

I like this chicken. We lived on a farm and we had lots of chicks like this.

Do you have any cats?

Oh, can I have that baby doll?

We had three dogs. We named one  ? after one of the hockey players on the Flyers. ( I couldn’t understand what the name was that she was saying – it began with an S.)

Why did you pick that big snake, Lily? (She looked to be about age 30 and her little four-year-old little boy was visiting her. She was in a wheelchair. She hugged me as I was leaving and said, “The questions that you asked brought back so many happy memories. Thank you so much for coming.”)

I don’t want to be here in this bed. I want to wrap myself around this big snake for comfort. I want to lay in the bed and have something to hold on to.

Who are you visiting?

My son. That man in the wheelchair.

He looks so young.

He had a stroke.

I said to the group. Tell me about your mother’s kitchen. What did it smell like?

Bacon and eggs.

Collard greens, chicken and mashed potatoes.

Apple pie.

Always smelled like baking cookies.


And in the afternoon, we visited a facility in Philadelphia and gave away 25 more stuffed animals. More about that later.

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