Only a dozen tissue paper corsages left – 200 needed for nursing home visits

Thank you to everybody who has made the tissue paper corsages. We have given out all of the 500 made by Elisa, Meryl, Linda and Crystal. They have been a big hit with the residents of the nursing homes. I have visits scheduled in Chestnut Hill, Phila, Wyncote, Langhorne, Harleysville and Abington. I have plenty of stuffed animals but almost out of flowers. And two hundred needed for the visits scheduled for this week and next. They look so nice attached to the wheelchairs, walkers and looped into the sweater buttonholes. Please visit our site to read more about how to make them. Very inexpensive to make. One pack of tissue paper and one pack of pipecleaners from the Dollar Store. So for just two dollars, you can make 50 little tissue paper corsages. Each one takes a couple of minutes to make. So if you are a teen that has to do some community service hours or anyone who has a little time to make a simple craft, we sure could use your assistance. Here is a little about the project and a picture of Meryl’s corsages.

Mrs. Gallagher, can I take four flowers – some big and some little?  I want to draw them.

Patricia, can I have some extra flowers? Barbara is ny room-mate and she is in the hospital. I want to put them in our room for her so she sees them when she comes back. I think they have to get her medication straightened out.

Sad to say, that there are so many residents that are “out of it” – I say that with compassion and sadness – their eyes are closed, their heads are leaning down, and they do not respond to conversation. I guess they are sleeping in their wheelchairs. So I just attached the tissue corsages to the sides of the wheelchair. They may not even notice it when they awake but at least it looks pretty and may be a conversation-starter when someone passes by.

People ask me what I did before I started the Stories for Seniors Program:

About Patricia Gallagher:

The picture below shows some of the pretty little tissue paper corsages. Also shown are the little birdseed packets wrapped in purple netting and tied with a ribbon.

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