I gave a Mother’s Day corsage and bubbles to ? lady with no name

These are the jumbo – super size tissue paper corsages made by Elise from Perkasie.  They were so pretty – lots of pink and red corsages for the ladies in the senior living communities. They love them!I have seen this ” down on her luck, shabby,”  sort of lady standing outside of a convenience store in Philadelphia many times. Once, my mother and I even gave her a ride. We gave her five dollars for some reason. I forget what she said she needed – maybe Tylenol or something like that. More than likely for some drugs or alcohol.  A couple of years ago. But who am I to judge….what life hurts, losses and wounds is she trying medicate?

Today, I saw her sitting on a step along a main road in Philadelphia. She was holding a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag. Maybe a bottle of whiskey or beer. I was stopped at the light and opened the window of my car.

I have a pretty flower for you. Happy Mother’s Day.

I gave her one of the giant pink tissue paper corsages made by Linda from Glenside.

Then I gave her one of the pretty bubble containers.

And here are some bubbles. To remind us of the fun times we had as a kid.

She gave me a big smile and said “Thank you very much.”

(The bubbles were donated by a youth group from Philadelphia. They even attached little messages to the containers.)

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