I used to love blowing bubbles and riding my scooter


Here is a picture of one of the staff members at the Assisted Living facility who joined in with the bubble blowing fun. Each container was decorated with ribbon and a flower sticker attached to the side – our thanks to Linda and her daughter from Glenside who made several dozen colorful bubble containers for the residents to enjoy!

There were only four people in the room. I brought the purple packs of birdseed, the bubbles and the flowers. Each person received one of each. We all blew the bubbles and even the aide on duty joined in. A visitor came by with three little children. They each got a container of bubbles and I gave them a tissue paper flower to give to their mom.

I used to love blowing bubbles when I was a kid. And I loved my scooter. The kind that you stand on with one foot and push with the other. I didn’t really have that much time to play because I took piano and organ lessons. And my mother was sick and I had to call the doctor a lot. And I had a lot of homework to do. I am glad you brought your family here on Easter morning. Your husband looks like a “holy man.”  My mother and father passed away and my other relatives are not very loyal.  My grandfather changed the spelling of our last name after World War I. He couldn’t get a job with our Italian last name so he changed it and now it sounds more Polish but I am really full-blooded Italian. You asked if Icould travel anywhere, where would I go? I would like to just stay here. It is very nice here.

I can’t get any bubbles. It isn’t working. (She had the bubble wand upside-down.)

I tried to hold the bubble wand up near a man’s mouth so he could blow. He grabbed the bottle from me and wouldn’t give it back! I was concerned because I could tell that he did not have his cognitive abilities and I was afraid that he would drop it and it would spill and then someone might slip on the bubble solution. Or that he might drink it. I told the nurse and she “tricked” him and told him she put it in his shirt pocket.

I gave a bottle of bubbles to Renee. I saw her get up and go into her room. The rest of  us were blowing our individual bubbles.  Renee, why aren’t you blowing your bubbles?

I want to save them.

Here is another bottle so you can do it with us and you will still have your bottle saved.

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