Ruthie said, “I am going to send this to my son in Arizona.”

I guess I have been to about 75 facilities…but this is one of the happiest feelings that I have had so far.

A lady donated 144 HUGS. WHAT ARE HUGS? Please see the pictures below. They are sold in Walgreen’s and lots of  other places. Each little HUG has a poem written on the box. So today, I passed out the HUGS with poems for GET WELL, FRIENDSHIP, ANGEL, BIRTHDAY AND MISSING YOU. Everyone loved them. The way that we did it was that I read the poem aloud and held the HUG up. When each resident heard the poem that suited them, we gave them the one that they liked the most.

I believe that Ruthie has very limited eyesight. I gave her the GET WELL HUG and she was so excited.

My son was in the hospital for three weeks and he just got out on Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day. That was the best present I could ever get – knowing that he is going to be okay. I want to give this present to him. He lives in Arizona.

I noticed that Ruthie left the room where we were doing the activity program. A few minutes later, I saw her sitting in her wheelchair over by the front desk. She was chatting excitedly with the receptionist.

As I was packing to leave she came up to me and said with such happiness – Guess what? They are mailing the HUG to my son right now. I gave the lady my son’s address and it will be on the way to Arizona this afternoon. Thank you so much.

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