Do I live here now?

I witnessed a beautiful sight today. A very loving young activity director comforting a lady who was not sure about where she was and why she was in a nursing home.

The lady in the wheelchair looked up at the activity director and asked, “Do I live here now?”

Yes, you live here. I am going to take care of you. You are going to like it here.

The lady looked confused and sad.

Am I going to go back to my house soon?

The loving activity director looked directly into her eyes and put her arms around the sweet lady. She hugged her like she was her own little baby – with such love.


In my mind, I played a game of what I call THE OTHER WAY AROUND. What would it really be like if I put myself in that wheelchair and just couldn’t understand why I was in a new place and was not ever going to go home?

One thought on “Do I live here now?

  1. These poor, elderly mothers and fathers have lost everything. They’ve lost their spouses, their homes, their children, their independence….they have lost everything they’ve ever known.

    In your great shows, Trish, you help them to keep their one last possession alive…their memory.

    God bless you and your kind heart for caring so deeply; your stories are so touching, I can almost hear their soft voices asking why…

    When I go into these homes myself, I always see your imprint there. Your angel pin on an 89 year old woman’s white sweater, another pin on the powder-blue shirt of a World War 2 veteran….

    I know that you were there and that these same hearts were touched by you.

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