“My daughter told me I was going to the hospital and now I live here.”

She was sitting in her wheelchair in the lobby of the nursing home. I smiled and showed her the stuffed animals.

Get them out of here. I don’t like them. I don’t need any of that kind of stuff.

What is your name?


Look at this little black dog. It still has the tag on it. You can put it on your bed or sit it on your windowsill.

I don’t have any money.

Edna, it is a gift. Everybody gets one.

She smiled and took the little dog. She kissed it. And she “warmed up” to talk to me.

My daughter told me she was taking me to the hospital to get my knee fixed and I ended up here. I want to go home. I could get a nurse to come in for eight hours and then my brother could come over and stay overnight. I am from upstate PA and I don’t know anyone around here.

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