Free Team of Angels Pins – My house today/tomorrow


Sometimes it is the little things that help us through the toughest times – a thoughtful card, a token of love. And no one knows that better than Patiricia Gallagher whose little gifts are spreading hope and happiness all over the world……..
When life seems overwhelming, some of us lean on friends and family. Then there are folks who turn to …..Patricia Gallagher. For the past ten years, from her Pennsylvania home, Trisha sends hope to troubled souls – on the wings of angels.
A mother of four, Trisha knew what it felt like to be overwhelmed. More than once  she’d prayed for an angel to help her.
One night, Trisha poured her feelings onto paper.
I need a team of angels, Lord
I don’t think one will do
Please send me all the help from High
For what I am going through.
Guardians to watch over me
And help my soul to cope
I’ll do the best I can to pray
And cherish gifts of faith and hope.
She attached three little angel charms to a pin, fastening them to the poem and began giving them to friends and families who were in need of divine assistance.
She wondered, “Do my little pins really mean anything to people who are struggling?”
With over 100,000 Team of Angels pins distributed since that first night, the answer is a resounding Yes.
So, on Thursday, May 19th from noon until 5 pm and on Friday, May 20th, from 10 am until 5 pm, Patricia invites people to come to her porch and take a Team of Angels pin and inspirational poem to help them with their need. No charge, free….. a gift to uplift someone’s spirit and brighten someone’s day.
The Team of Angels pins will be in a basket on the side porch at 106 Heath Court, Chalfont, PA 18914
Patricia’s cell phone number is 267 939 0365.


Patricia C. Gallagher, BA, MBA
Cell: 267 939 0365
Appeared as guest on Oprah, the CBS Early Show, CNN, Maury, The 700 Club, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNBC  (12 years ago)

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