I came from Cuba on the last Freedom Flight – the Cuban revolution

I had a seven-year-old little boy and a husband. We had to get out of Cuba in the 1960’s  when Castro took over power. I had to leave everything behind. We were on the last Freedom flight. (Boat or plane, she didn’t say.) When we got to Miami, an American couple sponsored us. We had another baby and a good life here. I never went back to Cuba – I didn’t want to and we were not permitted to return.

In Cuba, January 6th is the day that we give gifts to the children. I will tell you why I like this stuffed horse you gave me. I am going to call him TONY THE PONY. It reminds me of right before we fled Cuba – escaping for a better life in America.

Buying even one toy  for your children at Christmas time meant standing in line for three or four days. I  bought a pony like this for my child – well, it was wooden and I had to wait and  wait, hoping to be one of the lucky ones to get a toy for your kid. And bikes, they were scarce. There were only three green ones available and that was three bikes available for the whole town.

I am always happy and optimistic. Patricia, you said you are going to Ecuador for a month. “Cuidado. Cuidado.” (careful! careful!) Don’t go anywhere by yourself. You won’t be safe if you do not speak the language fluently.

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