The Stuffed Bunny – to comfort the little girl

I stopped in at a CVS in Norristown at 11 pm tonight on my way home from Philadelphia. I had gone down there to pick up a box of stuffed animals donated by Heather. A big box filled with brand-new bunnies to be given to the elderly in the healthcare facilities.
As I got out of my car, I saw an ambulance with lights flashing in the parking lot. There was a young mother laying in the back of the ambulance and a little girl about 3-years-old screaming, “Mommy, Mommy. I want Mommy.” A man was holding her. I don’t know whether he was an EMT or a policeman or a store employee but the  little girl was inconsolable.
I thought of the bunnies in the box. I opened the trunk of my car, grabbed a bunny  donated by Heather, and walked over to the crying child. Without saying a word, I placed the bunny in the little girl’s arm and kept on walking. I didn’t look back but the crying stopped. I heard the siren wailing  and the ambulance pulled away.
That  Special Delivery of Comfort was certainly unplanned  – an unexpected need for a very critical need – to soothe the fears of a little girl who was up so late and afraid for her mommy.


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