Yes, Christmas cards in June! Donation yesterday

Boxes of Christmas cards arrived last night. I guess about 20 small  boxes each containing 12 cards with envelopes. Snowman cards, peace on earth cards and holiday wreath cards.

 I wasn’t going to bring them in to the nursing home today. I thought that  I would save them for an occasion closer to Christmas, when the residents are in the Christmas spirit and thinking about sending holiday greetings.

Oh heck, why not? Many of the residents never receive gifts or surprises. I held them up and asked if anyone wanted a box of cards?

I am sure you can guess that there were many “takers”  for the gift.

I watched everybody leaving the room with an armful of gifts…stuffed animals, Christmas cards, inspirational saying cards……and lots of thank you comments.

Thank you to all of the people who have helped me to do this project. It is because of your kindness that we have been able to visit so many seniors in healthcare facilities.

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