You look too young to be living here.

My friend and I visited a senior living community today in Delaware County. There was a handsome man sitting in a motorized wheelchair. He was selling chances for a fundraiser. I wasn’t sure if he was a volunteer or a resident.

Would you like a stuffed animal?

Oh sure, I wish that I could give it to my girlfriend but I haven’t  seen her for two years.

Two years, why so long?

She had a stroke and lives in a nursing home, pretty far away. I can’t talk to her on the phone because her memory was impaired from the stroke. She wouldn’t even know who I was.  I took care of her for awhile in her home but then I got sick and I ended up here. And she became too sick for home care.

You look like a young guy, too young to live here.

I am 64-years old. I got Mersa, which is some kind of bacteria infection and it was all down hill after that. So now I live here. I am pretty positive and do what I can to help people here. Let’s get the attention of that lady getting on the elevator. We can give her a stuffed animal. She has Huntington’s disease. Her mother-in-law takes the bus here every day to visit her and take care of her. She can’t talk.

Would you like a bag of stuffed animals to have on hand so you can pass them out to the other people?

Oh, sure, that would be swell.

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