Fuzzy Wuzzies for the Seniors, from a helpful Mom in Eagleville

Hello! I am writing to request information on how I can donate some beautiful stuffed animals for the seniors you visit – I really really want / NEED! to connect with this program!

A friend recently gave me an article about you – and I instantly recognized your name…you’d visited my MOPS group @ Fairview Village Church in Eagleville, PA – maybe 6 years ago now – and you generously shared your angel pins and book about how to raise children on a reasonable budget. I speak on behalf of some 80 new & beleaguered moms – WE LOVED THEM BOTH! I now have four children, and rely on the themes of your message – as a Christian, and a frugal and hands-on mom…still such a blessing.

My mom, my best friend, passed away suddenly in December 2009, and I now have many of her precious stuffed animals that she kept pristine. I would LOVE to share them with your program, and help coordinate a drive if that’s needed as well. I am the creator of several fund-raising and outreach projects myself (though not as fruitful yet as yours!), and know tons of helpful & like-hearted folks that would love to contribute to your project. Scouts, church friends, family, crazy crafters, 4H-ers, teachers, kids…good people that want to help others, but need a ‘champion.’ YOU!

So, if you have a moment, and could share how we can get our fuzzy wuzzies and blankets to you, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all you are doing – you are an inspiration.
:-) Kristen Kerwin

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