I witnessed True Love today in a Dementia Unit

What happens when the person that you love and you have been married to for many years develops Alzheimers? I witnessed three men in their 80’s sitting next to their wives – holding their hands and talking to them. Here is a little of what I heard them say to their wives who seemed to have no memory of who the men were. Despite that, all three men, looked into their eyes with love and …….really, there are no words for me to explain how I felt……

Let’s go outside to the garden and  get some sunshine, Honey.

I had a big steak today at dinner. Haven’t had one like that for a long time.

Here are some birthday greetings from your friends.

But there was one lady who was visiting her husband. He had only been at the nursing home for a few days. He was not responding to her when she talked to him. She started to sob and said, “I have to leave now.”







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