Today there was a little “spat.”

Hmmm….do you think only little kids have temper tantrums when they do not get the toy they want?

Today two ladies wanted the same Teddy Bear and there was a ‘spat’…… a few mean words, grumpiness, grumbling and arms flying and they both said, “It is mine. She gave it to me.”

It wasn’t funny. It was sad…….sad what  a little gift of  a stuffed animal meant to the two ladies, in their 80’s. Not to worry, though. I had plenty of beautiful dogs, penguins, bears and an assortment of turtles and frogs……everything was smoothed out when I opened another bag of stuffed animals.

Kind of reminded me of the words of a poem that I learned  a long time ago. About a gingham dog who had a terrible spat! 

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