A letter from a resident – made my day – my thanks to all of you

The letter below made me feel so happy. But the thanks goes to all of the people who have donated the things that  I bring to my programs. The stuffed animals, reading glasses, greetings and note papers, tissue paper flowers, bubbles, the HUG figurines, inspirational tokens of love,  and birdseed. The residents love all of the little gifts. My thanks to all of you. The letter below is meant for you…….

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Trisha,

I was one of the residents at Hayes Manor who was blessed by your visit yesterday. What a “bright light bulb” you are in this dark time in our world. I drew a lot of laughter and strength from your fun-filled hour.

Have you ever written your own wonderful story? Think how that would help to uplift many people; it’s a great story of what the Lord is able to do with one person!

May our dear Lord bless and keep you, Trisha, and make this light to shine upon you, bringing you His endless joy.

And thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very truly yours,

Mary G.

P.S.  And we need all the stories we are able to get!


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