A mother and her 59-year-old son both in the same nursing home

It was a big group today, about 40 residents. So lots of stuffed animals and flowers to pass out. There was one lady that didn’t say anything during the program. At the end, she said, I really enjoyed your program. It was so wonderful to see my son joining in and singing.

Who is your son?

He is over there. Stephen. He was the first baby baptized at our parish.

I wonder what his disease is. Maybe MS. He was in a big motorized wheelchair.

I remember hearing when I was doing my presentation someone saying, “Stephen, move over a little bit. Your mother wants to see you.”

I looked around for a mother type visitor and saw no visitor – never thinking that a mom and her “boy” would be together in a nursing home.  I saw a lot of love and pride in that mother’s eyes. I guess she was about 85. I thnk she said he was 59 years old.

I want to see Helen again. She has a lot of wisdom to share about making your way through the tough times!

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